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Follow Instagram. Chronogram Magazine. Cancer Cancer Horoscope December This is the month of closure for you, to clean up unnecessary things. Cancer Cancer Horoscope November This month may feel like deja vu, but use those previously learned lessons and listen to your inner self. Cancer Cancer Horoscope October This month will feel like a rollercoaster.

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Just ride on through and remember you can always ask for a little help from your friends. Cancer Cancer Horoscope September Do not try to fight this month's hard, heavy feeling. Instead hunker down, get comfortable, and allow the storm to pass. Cancer Cancer Horoscope August As tensions reach their peak this month, your best bet is to reconnect with mother nature.

Cancer Cancer Horoscope July Your empathy is in full swing this month. Cancer Cancer Horoscope June Keep true to your feelings this month. You are sure to triumph and inspire others in the process.

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Cancer Cancer Horoscope May Although you may face an obstacle or two, keep at it and you'll reach your ultimate goal. Cancer Cancer Horoscope April Double down on faith in your own dreams and inspire others to believe in you as well. Cancer Cancer Horoscope March Issues of power and control clash with deeply embedded emotional truths this month. Cancer Cancer Horoscope: January You will finally address last month's issues and learn to be an observer. The Lunar North Node enters Cancer on November 17, ushering in a month reconfiguration of your concept of security.

Defining who is inside the circle of trust and who needs to be watched warily or altogether excluded begins now. Hudson Valley Events submit event Events. User Submitted. Aries Horoscope December Good things are due to come. Click on the LaFarge logo to listen to an mp3 recording of the hearing. Click on the photo to listen to an mp3 recording of the sound walk.

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Click on photo to hear Rep. Scott Murphy speak with constituents at a town meeting at the Palenville Fire Department April 19, Recording by Debra Kamecke.

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Photo is of Murphy at town meeting in Coxsackie on April 1, Create a free website or blog at WordPress. WP Designer. Send press releases, news items, tips, sightings, photos, audio or video to news wgxc. Can you go to your town's meetings and record the proceedings? We can train and lend equipment to trained volunteers who want to help report on their town's meetings.

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