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This fashionable polyester fabric duffel will turn heads anywhere your trav …. Fashion and function collide in this light-weight, ultra-durable tote bag. The City Tote helps keep daily essentials together in one fun, stylish package. Big enough for …. Directly from Tory Burch - Our iconic logo collection, reimagined as a handbag. Featuring a laser-cut logo, the Miller Clutch is a chic style for evenings.

Tory Burch Off …. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this waxed canvas Utility Tote with rich brown trim. Whether you use it as a garden carryall, a tool tote, a baby bag or fo …. Directly from Tory Burch - Convenience and chic style, to the letter. Carhartt Canvas Passcase Wallet.

Directly from Tory Burch - The ultimate in easy, understated chic. Worn on our fall runway, the McGraw Embossed Crossbody is a fresh take on a classic saddlebag.

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It's cra …. Very Simple and elegant pack-able shoulder tote makes the perfect companion where ever you want to go.

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Very convenient just fold it and you can take it anywhere. It is ma …. Go grab your wallet because these early Prime Day sneaker deals end tonight at midnight.

Crafted in pebbled leather, with hand-sewn pick stitching, the McGraw Fold-Over Crossbody is finished w …. Lewis N. However, Electronic Identity Thieves …. The versatile Shopper Tote is one of our favorites in carrying daily essentials. From books, gym clothes, to groceries, Shopper is ready to help making traveling easier.

Made of peb …. Directly from Tory Burch - The perfect balance of structure and easy slouch: The Half-Moon Satchel is a favorite shape, made of pebbled leather. It's detailed with double …. Directly from Tory Burch - Deconstructed, slouchy and unlined - with metal studs. Our new Rory Tote is lightweight and roomy, crafted in smooth and supple patent leather ….

Lt;ulgt;lt;ligt;style: HbSwl …. A study in luxurious minimalism, the structured silhouette is made of leather, with impeccably clean lines. It has …. Different lifestyles require different accessories, and handbags are no exception. With styles ranging from shoulder bags to clutches, these trusty companions carry your essentials and are the finishing touch to any outfit.

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Some are for fashion, some are for function, and some are a gorgeous blend of both. Unsure of which handbag is right for you? Check out this list of seven bag options and find out which is best based on your lifestyle. Throw it over your shoulders and leave both your hands free for biking or carrying as many bags as you can home from the grocery store.

If you only want to carry your essentials, opt for a mini backpack. The ever-popular shoulder bag will always hold a special place in the handbag world.

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The streamlined design of this classic option goes with any outfit and can be found in various sizes, materials, and brands. This handbag has proven to be trend resistant throughout the years, remaining popular with its classic, simple beauty. Plus, from Fossil to Target, designers and fashion companies have made this handbag style one that can fit any style and any budget.

Crossbody bags drape securely across your body and are easy to reach when you need to grab your lipstick for a quick touch up or your wallet to cover lunch.

Go for a vegan leather crossbody purse, a fringe crossbody bag, or a versatile black or brown option that you can throw on with anything. A large and roomy tote bag carries an impressive amount of things—and is a lifesaver on days when you need to carry all your essentials with you. Throw in a few snacks for the day, a cardigan in case you get cold, your laptop and its charger—the possibilities are endless.

You will do this despite all your doubts, but imagine if you just left those doubts at home, turned the key, and walked out of the house. Make sure you leave the window open, too, so those doubts can leave for good. The word "no" is almost like an invitation for you. Remember that inside, the "no" is the "yes. Sometimes, you can get stuck in a bit of a creative rut. With the new burst of spring energy in the air, now is the time to get out of this pattern.

Try to think about the spring, which, of course, nature prepares for all year, as a gesture pushing you to new energy and uncontrollable desire. So there you are. If you do this, you will feel happier than you have in a long while. Spring is a time when you begin to remember all the important things. Not that you indulge in nostalgia often, but you will see how many old friends, feelings, and ideas come back to you this April.

And you have. If it's there, trust the romantic love in your life. It will grow even steadier. There can be something intimidating by how in control you often seem of your own emotions in public. The more you reveal your struggle, the more people with help you with it. Even all those old lovers and perceived enemies will be of aid to you this spring. Even they know your true intentions, which have always been for good. For a while now, things have been looking up in terms of your career.

Continue playing up these strengths this month, as there will be even more opportunities for people to really see you and the things that you do well.

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As for love, you're beginning to question how your approach to it may not be getting you what you want. You're not willing to change in this regard just yet, but you may start to consider your future options. As the new month begins, with all its spring style, be open to your feelings and keep your feelings open. You never know how new love will begin. News Home.

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Oprah Winfrey, born January 29th. Photo by Juergen Teller for W Magazine. Kerry Washington, born January 31st. Jennifer Aniston, born February 11th. Photo by Steven Klein for W Magazine. Tom Hiddleston, born February 9th.

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Photo by Mona Kuhn for W Magazine. Laura Dern, born February 10th. Paris Hilton, born February 17th. Ashton Kutcher, born February 7th. Photo by Mark Seliger for W Magazine. Look By M cashmere blend plaid scarf. Look By M original leopard print scarf. Pretty Persuasions oversized camo scarf. Armitage Avenue knit beanie. Armitage Avenue fabric scrunchie.